Have you ever gone online to do a search for the best residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith near you or in Penrith? And, the search comes up with a list of people or companies that claim to offer the best locksmith service. But, how can you be sure that they are reliable? Locksmith frauds are becoming normal day by day. They target home or car owners when they are desperately in need of help. Not everyone with an online presence offers the right quality of services you are looking for. 

Making quick decisions can fall you into the trap of frauds. Deep research and proper investigation can help you to avoid frauds. Also, you can keep the below-mentioned tips in your mind while choosing a locksmith to make a wise decision. 

Keep These in Check to Safeguard Yourself From Frauds Locksmiths

  1. “Local” is the Keyword
    Don’t sweat it! First of all, make a list of all the locksmiths you found online. And give preference to the local one. Hiring a local locksmith can reduce the chances of fraud by 50%. This is because local locksmiths pay more attention to their local people. A local customer can do everything to make a positive image so that you can come back for the services. Most importantly, you know their office address, and it is feasible for you to visit in case of any emergency. In fact, you are able to check the reference and ask questions to understand their work quality. If you don’t find anyone local in the list you search on Google for a locksmith, you can type a query “Locksmith Near me”, and a list will appear with the local ones only.

    2. Check Identification and License

Identification and license are other important things that only a professional locksmith holds. A professional locksmith with years of experience and knowledge of the latest techniques and tools will never fraud. When they arrive at your location, ask them to show their documents before hiring. This can give you a surety of reliability. 

     3. Check out their website
This is one of the most common yet easy solutions to understand any company and their product. A website contains all the important information such as company background, experience, services, products, prices, portfolio, testimonials and reviews. All these can help you have a clear understanding of the services you will get from them. Along with that, they also share their company location and contact number so that you can directly contact them. 

     4. Check Their Reviews
Reviews are one of the genuine ways to identify whether the company is reliable or fraud. You can check the Google reviews of that particular company. Most of the people believe in sharing their experience about the service by leaving a review or rating their services on Google. This is to help other people to choose the right services like locksmith service in Penrith. In fact, websites also include a testimonial section where the customer writes something about the product and services they have used.

   5. Ask for Hidden Charges
Some of the fraud locksmiths may never disclose the exact amount of the service they offer. You may hire them for the fixed hourly price, but later on, they may add some amount for the extra work. This can lead you to pay more than you think. So, always ask your locksmith if they have any hidden charges before hiring. Also, if they ask you for any drilling or replacement, wait for some time and analyze if it actually needs a replacement or they are just asking for the sake of extra money.

   6. Beware of low prices
Low prices do not mean you get quality services. In fact, this is the way fraud people try to fall you into the trap by offering the services at an extremely low cost. So, never go with the low price service. It is good to choose something within your budget, but the quality matters more. You need to maintain a balance between product quality and price. Don’t hurry up! Maybe a low price service can cost you more in the future. 

   7. Get a written estimate
Verbal communication is not a fraud-proof way to get any services. Always ask for a written estimate of all the service prices and other important things that a service provider claims to offer. This can protect you from hidden charges or additional fees they are thinking to charge. If they hesitate to provide a written estimate or sign it, then they are not professional locksmiths. 

    8. Check out their tools
Profession locksmiths always keep themself updated about the latest locksmith tools and techniques. They always come equipped with these. You can check out if they have all the necessary things to solve your problem. Also, don’t leave the locksmith unattended during work. Keep your eyes on them all time. Carefulness can prevent you from being scammed. 

    9. Get a time estimate
This is also an important step to consider. The more time they take, the more cost they charge. Before hiring them, get an estimation of the time they require to solve the problem. A professional locksmith in Penrith should have knowledge of all types of lock problems and can give you a rough (approximate) time estimation to solve them. 

   10. Use a Credit Card to Pay, If Possible
Always go for card payments directly to the company’s account. A fraud locksmith can always insist you make the payment in cash for quick money. This can increase the possibility of fraud. You should ask about the payment mode upfront before hiring them. 

Hopefully, these tips can help you prevent locksmith fraud. Don’t skip any of these points. All are important to get maximum protection from a fraud locksmith. Also, don’t hesitate to call your locksmith and ask all the important questions you have in your mind. Try to hire the local locksmith in Penrith or nearby you for better results and more protection. Fix a meeting with them if possible and get a written cost and time estimation. 

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